DASH Web Application
UI & Prototypes

I worked directly with Geosciences stakeholders and super-users on an earthquake reporting web application that will generate damage estimates for PG&E's gas, electric, hydro, and corporate real estate. I created wireframes, interactive prototypes, User Acceptance, and UX Specifications documents.
Signed NDA - Contact me for more information about the project.

Makezine Social Community
Process Flows & Wireframes was in need of a forum. Dale Dougherty, founder and CEO of Maker Media, wanted an online social network where makers could connect and share projects. I wireframed a "community forum" where users could discuss a variety of topics, share projects, and connect to other hobbyists. The community would be in beta to allow for continuous improvements based on analytics and user feedback.
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Creative Edge Classroom
IA, Process Flows, & Design

CEC was designed for academic institutions. School administrators and instructors would create courses within departments and invite students to join. The current concept focused too heavily on the students instead of the academic institutions (the consumer). I simplified a very complex workflow while still providing ample information about the content and users.
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Daily Valid Report
IA, UI & Responsive Design

The stakeholders wanted a convenient way to track B2C subscriptions and trials on a daily bases. The original concept was created in Roambi but it was only available as an app and required multiple licenses. I was brought in to work with the Data Sciences Department to help build a responsive, easy to understand web app. This project was the beginning of my love affair with data.
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SBO Data Sciences Dashboards
IA, User Flows, & Responsive Design

Sales needed a way to consolidate data from Adobe SiteCatalyst and Salesforce to manage their B2B accounts more effectively. Creating dashboards with meaningful, accurate data required deciphering a lengthy Project Requirements document and working with the Data Sciences team. The depth of the sales data required some research so I experimented with Google Analytics and Tableau. Another great source was Information Dashboard Design, by Stephen Few.
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Makezine Project Pages
Wireframes's Anaylytics showed that projects recieved the highest number of pageviews. However, bounce rates were high and users were often frustrated when attempting to build a project. I created wireframes that organized projects by what users were looking for and improved the workflow of the step-by-step process. The wireframes also showed ways in which we could better cross-promote Maker Media's other offerings.
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Capstan Web Application
UI & Wireframes

Utilized my experience in database design to improve the usability of Capstan, an application that streamlines the wireless deployment design, build, and upgrade process for carrier networks such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and Alcatel-Lucent. Collaborated with stakeholders to establish user scenarios and workflow processes, assisted in QA testing and built wireframes.
Signed NDA - Contact me for more information about the project.

Nissan Extended Warranty
Task Flows, & Wireframes

The goal of this project was to reduce the number of phone calls by users wanting to purchase an extended warranty. The original site contained repetitive, complicated, and broken workflows. I presented 2 wireframes that would streamline the UX while working within the restrictions of their e-commerce website. One issue with the original workflow and the first wireframe is that a password is automatically generated whcih requires the user to change their password for security purposes.
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Tim Lewis Communities
IA, UI, & Responsive Design

Visually, the client wanted to convey not only the product but the lifestyle of their communities. I designed this site with the purpose of avoiding sliders (I lost the battle on the home page, but I managed to keep out CTA's). More importantly than the look was how users would find the information they were looking for. I cleaned up the IA streamlined the workflows.
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Maker Camp
IA, Wireframes & Responsive Design

Maker Camp was a six-week virtual camp for young teens. It was a collaborative effort between Google and Maker Media. The site had some unique challenges the toughest one being conflicting business objectives. Google wanted to send users to Google+ and Maker Media wanted users to go to The second was modifying the workflow at each stage of an activity. We had approximately 2 weeks to design and build the site. In the end, multiple teams pulled together to make Maker Camp 2013 a huge success with 20,828 signups.
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Makezine Home Page
IA & Responsive Design

The challenge of redesigning's home page was how to define a site with multiple objectives (projects, magazine, blog, events, shopping, etc.) in a way that would not confuse users. The main navigation was simplified to guide the users more effectively and the content was clearly categorized.
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Safari Books Online
Wireframes & Design

The corporate site was a complete redesign and required collaboration with the Marketing and Sales Departments. We worked with Lullabot in an agile environment to develop a custom website in Drupal. The most difficult task was how to simplify the descriptions and calls to action for multiple B2C and B2B account types. Voted the 2012 Best Marketplace Website Built With Drupal.
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Santa Rosa Ski & Sports
IA & Design

Santa Rosa Ski & Sports was looking to create a new ecommerce website. I created designs that complimented the look and feel of their store while honoring the UX. I also established the IA for their online store by researching the competition and working with the SRSS stakeholders. The Lightspeed POS/Online Store had some serious limitations and time will tell if it will be more advantageous to move to a better solution.
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Creative Edge
IA & Design

Creative Edge is a subscription service that provides unlimited, fully searchable access to training videos and reference books. The functionality was there but the overall design was lacking "edge". The site also needed to more clearly communicate what Creative Edge is and the benefits and cost of a subscription. I created a more updated look and improved communication through new content and design.
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Remote Satellite Systems
IA, UI, & Design

This was one of the most complicated e-commerce sites I have ever worked on because it served both B2C and B2B customers worldwide. The complexities of the products & services required working with directly with the President of the company, Robert Rosen, to establish a new IA that was user-friendly. Some products and services could be purchased online while other required a consultation. The goal was to guide the user with simpler workflows and clear CTA's.
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Montgomery Village - Directory
IA, User Flows, & Prototypes

The clients liked the look of their website (go figure) but wanted it to be mobile friendly. This was an excellent opportunity to look at the analytics and find ways to improve the UX. The majority of traffic was to the Directory and the Calendar of Events. I improved the IA and made workflows easier and mobile friendly.
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Mobile Learning Infographic

I was given the task of taking a boring PowerPoint presentation and making the data interesting. An infographic was the perfect solution. Because the data was pretty basic, I used graphics to get the point across.
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Animated Displays
IA & Designs

The animated displays were going to be displayed on large monitors in the entryway of our new Boston offices. The trick was to provide animated information without causing a "hanging by the water cooler" effect. The most complicated part of this project was determining which countries and states would display their top titles at a time so there would not be any overlap.
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