I had the privilege of working with Amy over the last year. She is talented, a fast learner and very knowledgable about UX design. With minimal direction, she can take an idea and quickly expand on it with excellent outcomes. She is pro at taking complex ideas and turning them into wireframes that are easy to understand. She is a great contributor, passionate about UX, all while having a great sense of humor. Amy is a pleasure to work with and I would do so again at the first opportunity.
– Carol Greenberg, Principle at the UX Incubator

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Amy. She worked as a UX/UI designer on a project I was managing for PG&E. Amy is a very talented and hard-working individual. She is a self starter that can work within guidelines and get along with everybody. The project was very complex and she worked magic creating UI's that were simple to understand at one glance and easy to use. She is very customer centric. That is, it's not the world according to Amy, but the world according to the customer. She is always working within their point of view and from their frame of reference and her work was always well received and valued. I give her my highest recommendation.
– Mike Malter, Principal at Mike Malter & Associates, Inc.

Working with Amy is a joy. Not only does she understand the challenges that front-end developers face with the modern mobile web, but she goes the extra mile to make sure that her mockups are clean and well-organized. Working side-by-side with her to execute the vision she has for a project is an experience I would readily sign up for again. Amy is not the sort of designer to walk away from a project once it is launched. Her commitment to pouring over stats and heat maps, A/B testing and listening to client input not only sharpens and fine-tunes her process, but also consistently improves the usability and conversion rates on the sites she works on. Her practical sense of real-world testing and web design, combined with her warm smile and wry humor make her an asset to any team.
– John McCann, Web Developer

Amy has been a strong team member helping us to create a positive UX on client websites. She has the ability to analyze website traffic data and make positive changes to websites to improve conversion. She is also great to work with.
– Eric VanCleave, CEO at Zenergy Works

Amy is a talented web designer and UX specialist. While at Zenergy Works, Amy demonstrated the unique ability to interface with web developers to come up with creative ways to address technical challenges without sacrificing usability. Her skill in taking a data-centric approach to information architecture played a key role in the success of numerous large projects.
– Liz Nix, Web Production Director

Amy's lovely to work with -- very friendly and funny, with a solid understanding of UX and web design. While working with clients, she's great at moving them past the bells and whistles that they think would be great and more toward what's going to be best for the site user. A wonderful creative mind, and a great addition to any team!
– Stephanie Wargin, Social Strategist

Amy is a rock star. Seriously, she always had an answer to any design questions I had or always had a great input ranging from high level design to low level architectural structure that would greatly improve the user experience of our projects. Highly recommended, and would go out of my way to work with her again.
– Cole Geissinger, Senior Engineering Manager

Amy is a talented UX designer and an overall pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience make her a valuable asset for any team. She's has keen eye for design and deep understanding of the user experience. I look forward to hopefully working with her again sometime in the future.
– Bill Olson, Web Developer

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Amy over the last year. I've worked with many designers, and Amy possesses an unusual blend of creative talent, design knowledge, copy awareness and a good sense of humor. Where some designers would see a difficult task, she sees a "fun challenge," and she approached every project with a great attitude. Her designs were excellent, and she was able to think beyond the design to make valuable suggestions to messaging and usability. I hope to have many opportunities to work with her on future projects.
– Debbie Grey, Owner of Deborah Gray Design

Amy is a smart, versatile designer, adept at understanding and accommodating product objectives while maintaining a user-centric approach. She is especially accomplished at presenting large amounts of complex information with clarity and elegance. She's also great at cranking out interactive wireframes, innovative in her exploration of branding imagery, superb at designing iconography, and clever in her ability to design responsive pages that are attractive at any size. Besides all this, Amy is a delight to work with. I would welcome the chance to work with her again, and I recommend her highly.
– David Purcell, Creative Director